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“Everyone deserves to feel beautiful – and that’s why I love what I do, because I enjoy making people feel happy about themselves!”

Hi, I’m Catherine, a fully qualified Beauty Therapist and the owner of Lashious.

I’ve been in the industry for the past twelve years now and in that time I’ve met women of all ages, from all walks of life and I’ve found there’s one thing we ALL have in common; we want to look good and feel good about ourselves!

I know it’s not always easy to achieve this with our busy, pressured lifestyles – but actually,  one of the simplest ways we can look good is to make the most of our eyes –  with some expert help!

Through years of doing eye treatments for hundreds of clients, there’s no denying the effect of having dark, lush lashes that frame and open up the eyes. It really does revive your look and put the sparkle back. -Add a well groomed brow and just like magic, life is breathed into the face.

So if you haven’t been blessed with the lashes or brows you’ve always wanted, that’s where I come in!

I can say that after seven years of specialising in eye treatments I still get a lot of pleasure from creating a new, improved look for a client and seeing the transformation.  The treatment itself is very relaxing and involves lying down on a bed with eyes closed for about an hour. Simply leave the rest to me!
Know that you will be in good hands as I have plenty of skill and patience which is why I also train up other beauty therapists.  I take pride in offering a professional service and satisfaction in helping my clients feel Beautiful.

But don’t take my word for it, please read what others have to say – and I hope to see you soon…