Eyelash Lifts

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Everyone’s talking about lash-lifts? Why?

  • This treatment opens up tired eyes
  • Lifts and curls your lashes up over your eyes
  • Lashes look longer, eyes look bigger
  • Includes a lash tint
  • It’s a look good, feel good, treatment
  • Relaxing time out
  • Low maintenance, lasts 6 weeks
lashious eyelash lifts - before and after
lashious eyelash lifts - before and after
lashious eyelash lifts

How long does the treatment take?

Allow approximately 1 hour as a lash lift includes a lash tint as well

Does it hurt?

Not at all! Lash lifts are a nice relaxing treatment, done while you’re lying on a bed with eyes closed.  Quite often clients even drift off to sleep.

Can I still wear mascara and use lash growth serums?

Absolutely! In fact, a slick of mascara will take your lashes to next level and help give your eyes maximum impact.  Serums are recommended as they are a very effective way to grow length and volume with your lashes.

How long will a lash lift last?

You can expect it to last around 6 weeks, sometimes longer! Generally by week 6, the curl has softened right back and the lashes are ready for re-curling.

Is a lash lift damaging to my lashes?

Lash lifting is a perfectly safe process and in the hands of an experienced therapist, there is no damage to natural lashes.

Is there any after-care involved?

In a nutshell, no!  I always tell my clients that I have confidence in the curl I set for them, so there’s no need to be mindful of not getting them wet, rubbing eyes or wearing mascara.